× 24th July 2021: AdoptOpenJDK is moving to the Eclipse Foundation and rebranding.
Our July 2021 and future releases will come from Adoptium.net


AdoptOpenJDK builds and tests binaries for different source code streams based upon OpenJDK. Our binaries undergo extensive testing, and are made available with two distinct quality levels - release and nightly.

Releases have passed all the available OpenJDK test suites and our additional tests (donated by the community), ensuring the best quality binary available. We recommend you choose releases for running your applications.

Nightly builds have passed basic quality level testing. The nightlies may include functionality and implementations that are unstable, or have not had the benefit of long running tests. Use these nightlies if you wish to check the very latest capabilities and fixes, and to see what is coming in the next release.

At this stage the London Jamocha Community CIC (aka LJC) has not been able to reach an agreement with Oracle to use the Java SE Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) under the terms of the OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement (OCTLA).

We will continue to work with Oracle on this matter.

All AdoptOpenJDK binaries are tested with our suite of functional, integration, stress, and performance tests, including real workloads from popular languages and applications. We are very confident in the quality of our builds.


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