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I'm a Java / OpenJDK User

We provide solidly made binaries to the highest quality possible utilising existing OpenJDK test suites (via jtreg tests, jcov test coverage et al) and other OSS donated test suites. However, these binaries are not commercially supported. See Support for details.

Available Platforms

We currently support ARM 32/64 (aarch 32/64), Linux x64, Windows, Solaris (Intel), MacOS and several other Linux variants. We envisage some strong collaboration can form here with IcedTea and other specific platform efforts!

I'm an OpenJDK Developer

We anticipate that this effort will lead to an easier way for OpenJDK developers to submit, review and test patches for multiple platforms before submitting to the OpenJDK project.

Source Forests

We've started with jdk8u (effectively Java 8) with test coverage from the open jtreg tests, providing jcov test coverage reports. Later on other popular forests such as jdk9, jdk10, valhalla, shenandoah etc will be added.

There may be some areas of overlap with other past/present efforts, but that's OK. We expect any duplication to converge in due course and have started working with other platform specific OpenJDK build efforts.

I'm a web developer

The website is fully open-source, and contributions are welcome! Get involved by forking the openjdk-website repository on GitHub.

The Contributing Guide is regularly updated, and should help to get you up and running.

I'm an Adopt OpenJDK Developer

Discussions take place on the Slack Group (join the slack channel here), Mailing List, and various GitHub repo issue trackers. Consensus is recorded on this project website or the appropriate GitHub repo (wiki) as appropriate: